Nation Broadcasting

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App Design / Brand Idendity / Logo Design / UI / UX / Prototyping

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Project Brief

Nation Broadcasting is a media company that owns and operates several radio stations across South Wales and London that have more than 300,000 listeners combined. They have recently placed an emphasis on developing their digital presence and offer web based services for businesses that utilises their existing audience reach on their radio platform.

As a personal project I rebranded the company to better reflect this expansion and designed an app to provide their audience with an easy way to listen to the various local stations it operates.

nation app design 1 nation app design 2 nation app design 3 nation app design 4


Although the local stations themselves had somewhat of an identity, Nation Broadcasting itself had little as a recognisable company. There was a clear need to raise the awareness of the brand and I began by exploring different concepts that would help make the company more identifiable. Radio would still be at the core of what they do, so I needed to find a way to combine these roots with the new digital focus of the brand.

By creating a stronger identity, it would become easier to market the radio app I designed, as there would be a greater awareness of Nation Broadcasting as the company that owns the stations. There was also a need to attract a younger audience so I used bold font types and eye catching colours to create a more appealing aesthetic to this demographic.

app wireframe

I explored different ways I might be able to portray what services the company provides in a new logo.

Logo Design

After exploring different ideas, I came up with a final design for a new logo which I felt best represented what the company is about. It combines the universal rock'n'roll gesture constructed in a digital volume graphic, that conveys both the playful and friendly nature of the radio stations, along with the digital direction the company wants to head in. The bright cyan colours further enhance this identity.

app logo design

Final Result

The new branding better reflects the companies ambitions as a digital presence within the broadcasting industry and has a more appealing aesthetic to the younger demographic. The radio app provides listeners with an efficient way to listen to their favourite radio stations digitally.

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