Destination Clothing

WordPress Blog + Branding

Web Design / Brand Idendity / Logo Design / UI / UX / Wordpress Development

Project Brief

Destination Clothing is a conceptual fashion retail brand that sells men's clothes. I created a brand identity and developed a fashion blog, building a Wordpress theme from scratch. The brand aims to convey a trendy, vibrant identity that is at the forefront of the latest fashion trends.

destination blog design 1 destination blog design 2 destination blog design 3 destination blog design 4 destination blog design 6 destination blog design 4

Blog Design and Development

I created a simple design for the theme that places the blog posts at the heart of the page. The fixed vertical navigation keeps it visible no matter how far the user has scrolled. Blog posts dynamically contain information about the post author, the date and what category the post has been posted in, which when clicked on leads to an archive page containing all the blog posts from that specific category or author.

An integrated comment section allows users to sign up and comment on posts. There is also an editable 'About' page that provides information about the blog owner.

app wireframe app wireframe

I created wireframes before focusing on development.


I used a bright yellow and sharp contrasting black as the main colour themes for the brand. The minimalistic logo design keeps things simple and impactful. This is continued with clean typography that places the emphasis on the blog posts themselves.

app logo design

Future Improvements

The theme is still a work in progress, so I plan to add more features and pages to the site. Eventually I will expand the site into a full-scale ecommerce shop theme. I will also design and develop alternative design layouts that will be fully customisable to the user.

destination mockup 1 destination mockup 2 destination mockup 3 destination mockup 4