Mobile App

App Design / Logo Design / UI / UX / Illustration

Project Brief

Scores is an idea for an app I came up with through my experience of playing local sport. Although there is a fast and accessible way to find out professional sports scores, there was currently no similar solution for local sport. The Scores app aims to solve that problem.

app design 1 app design 2 app design 3 app design 4


Currently the main way local scores were trickled through to players and supporters was through word of mouth and sporadic twitter updates which were often intertwined with other social media posts, which made it hard to quickly view recent scores.

I identified the main user's would be the players and club supporters themselves, and would likely be interested in only one particular sport: the one they played. With this in mind I designed a sign up sequence that would allow the user to tailor to a specific sport and to quickly find potential profiles to follow. I created wireframes to help identify the user flow.

app wireframe

I created wireframes before focusing on styling.

Logo Design

With the logo I designed a mark that combines a goalpost and exclamation mark. I used a bold type and vibrant red background colour to further reflect the sporting culture, and also replaced the 'O' with a football to signify a goal being scored.

app logo design

Final Result

The final result is an app that allows the user to quickly view score updates in a quicker, more efficient way. User's can update scores themselves, with live-feed style updates similar to match commentary pages online. The structured post design, with drop down menus to select event icons etc, places the emphasis on the games themselves. A notification option can be checked on a profile to provide update notications for a specific game or club, and reminders can be set to notify the user when a game is about to start.

app wireframe 1 app wireframe 2 app wireframe 3 app wireframe 4 app mock up 1 app mock up 2 app mock up 3 app mock up 4