Narberth CC


Web Design / UI / Identity

Project Brief

I was approached by my local cricket club to design a website for them, with an aim to attract new players and keep current players and supporters up to date with the latest news. The site must be easy to use and portray a youthful, energetic atmosphere, with the club placing an emphasis on attracting local talent to build for the future.

website design 1 website design 1


I researched the local sports website, which provided news and reports on the latest games across the county. I felt the typography and colours were dull and could be improved on - a lot of greys and blacks were used and the font was tiny and didn't stand out. I liked the carousel slides and match reports though, and decided these would be good features to include, but could perhaps be improved upon by including a man of the match voting feature to add a bit of interactivity and interest.

research website design

Local sports sites lacked colour and excitement.

Identifying Content

I spoke to a few different players and committee members to discuss the direction that they wanted the club to go in the next few years, and some problems they thought needed addressing. The club has lost a considerable amount of players over recent seasons and has struggled to attract new players to replace them. After the discussions I was able to produce a site structure to identify the content and hierachy of the site.

website structure

Final Result

The final design features updates on results and table standings, match reports, a player profile page and a bit of history about the club, that allows potential new players to get to know the players and club better. The team colour of blue is used throughout in three different shades, helping to convey the youthful and exciting team that the club has. You can view the final design below.

website mobile design 1 website mobile design 2 website mobile design 3 website mobile design 4