Mobile App

Web Design / Logo Design / UI / HTML/ CSS /jQuery

Project Brief

The louder music app allows musicians, producers and artists to link up and collaborate on new music. I designed a marketing website to help promote the app and increase the number of downloads.

website screenshot 1 website screenshot 2 website screenshot 3 website screenshot 4


I decided on a simple one page layout to help keep the product message short and snappy. I wanted the page to flow like a story with each section helping persuade the user to download the app. Heading images were shaped geometrically to appear like a play button.

website wireframe

Short snappy punchlines aim to tell a story.

Logo Design

A bold, condensed font type was chosen for the logo witht the letter 'O' switched to look like a vinyl record. It also looks like a radar beam to signify how the user locates new artists to collaborate with in their area.

website logo design

Final Result

The final result is a clean, simple marketing site that helps create a positive, modern vibe. The site is fully responsive, displaying correctly on every screen size. View the live site below.

website mobile design 1 website mobile design 2 website mobile design 3 website mobile design 4