Tim & Loui's

Ice Cream

Web Design / Logo Design / UI / Branding

Project Brief

Tim & Loui’s is a concept for a new shop selling premium, organic ice cream. I have created a brand and website that reflects the sophistication that will make the company stand out from it’s competitors to help attract new customers.

website design 1 website design 2 website design 3 website design 4


I wanted to steer away from both the child-focused branding and old fashioned style of packaging seen with traditional ice cream brands. Instead I went for something in between that would help attract a youthful demographic and portray the shop as a trendy place to visit.

branding research

I avoided both dull and quirky branding.

Logo Design

For the logo I went with a clean, uncluttered, geometric mark that conveyed a modern style whilst still retaining a classical feel. The different colours signify the variety of flavours the shop offers, and the circular type adds a final bit of character.

website logo design

Final Result

The final result is a website and brand that communicates the premium, modern feel of the shop whilst still retaining a playful edge. The site included an attention grabbing home page, informative about page, simplified menu and a contact page for potential customers/partners to get in touch.

website mock up 1 website mock up 2 website mock up 3 website mock up 4
web design 1 web design 2 web design 3 web design 4